Welcome to Waagj Laws Library established under Jimmaa zone Attorney office official website. In this online laws library Laws category you will get
  1. Federal and Regional state constitutions
  2. Federal Proclamations, Regulations, decrees
  3. Oromia National regional State Proclamations, Regulations Decrees
  4. All Universal Laws which Ethiopian sign and ratified as the
  5. Bilateral Investment treaties
  6. Multilateral investment Treaties
  7. Federal Supreme court cassations
  8. Oromia regional state court decision
  9. case laws
  10. articles and other legal materials are available for free.
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Baga gara Mana Kitaabaa Seeraa Waagj kan zoonii Jimmaa jalatti hundeeffame Waajjira Abbaa Alangaa website official website baga nagaan dhuftan. In this online laws library Gosa Seera ni argattu
  1. Heera mootummaa Federaalaa fi Naannoo
  2. Labsii Federaalaa, Dambii, labsii
  3. Oromia Biyyaalessaa naannoo Mootummaa Labsii, Dambii Labsii
  4. Seerota Waliigalaa kan Itoophiyaan mallatteessee raggaasise hunda
  5. Waliigalteewwan Invastimantii Biyyoota Lamaan
  6. Waliigalteewwan invastimantii biyyoota hedduu
  7. Dhimma mana murtii olaanaa Federaalaa
  8. Murtii mana murtii mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa
  9. seera dhimmaa
  10. barruulee fi meeshaaleen seeraa biroo bilisaan ni argamu.

Embark on a legal odyssey with Waagj Laws Library, your gateway to the vast expanse of Ethiopian jurisprudence.

Delve into the bedrock of Ethiopian law with our comprehensive collection of Federal and Regional state constitutions. Unravel the intricate web of Federal Proclamations, Regulations, and decrees, and navigate the legal landscape of Oromia National regional State Proclamations, Regulations, and Decrees.

Embrace the global reach of law by exploring Universal Laws that Ethiopia has signed and ratified. Uncover the intricacies of Bilateral and Multilateral investment Treaties, and gain insights from Federal Supreme court cassations and Oromia regional state court decisions.

Enrich your legal understanding with a wealth of case, articles, and other legal materials, all available at your fingertips, absolutely free.

Embark on your legal quest with Waagj online Library – where knowledge and justice intertwine.

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